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Models of gyrotropic devices ; semiconductor and semiconductor-dielectric waveguides ; phase shifters and modulators ; attenuators Abstract [eng] An improvement of gyrotropic devices models GDMpropagating electromagnetic EM wave characteristics and parameters research prediction, and problems of dnt galimybės application are discussed throughout the work.

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An object of the research is GDM and their usage possibilities. The aim of this dissertation is to investigate GDM wave phase and attenuation characteristics PCh, AChparameters, and the possibilities of models usage.

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The dissertation consists of four parts including Introduction, 4 chapters, Conclusions, References and 3 Annexes. The introduction reveals the investigated problems, the importance of the thesis and the object of research.

It also describes the purpose and tasks of the work, research methodology, scientific novelty, and the practical significance of results examined in the work and defended propositions.

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Chapter 1 revises the literature used throughout the dissertation. At the end of the chapter, the conclusions are drawn and the tasks for the dissertation are reconsidered. Chapter 2 describes gyrotropic devices electrodynamical and mathematical models.

The unheard story of David and Goliath - Malcolm Gladwell

PCh are extracted dnt galimybės investigated by using ANN. Physical models of ferrite waveguides are investigated experimentally.

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The wave PCh of SDW models, as well as wave PCh and ACh of waveguides with temperature sensitive semiconductor core and anisotropic dielectric layer are analyzed in the 3rd chapter.

Multilayer SDW models are investigated in the chapter too. Dnt galimybės results of investigation dvejetainiai variantai su minimaliais dielectric waveguides by using ANN are presented there too.

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The usage possibilities of GDM in EM wave phase shifters, modulators, attenuators, waveguides and filters are analyzed in the 4th chapter.